December 2023

Pearl Earrings, 2022

My Mother didn’t have pierced ears so all her earrings where held on by a tiny clamp-like device. My Mom didn’t wear earrings much. After she died in 1987 I ended up with her pearl earrings. I think my sister had held on to them and passed them on to me, since she knew I did not have anything else from my Mom. I have no vision of her wearing these nor any photographs; still, its nice to have them knowing that they were hers – she didn’t have much jewellery and these must have been one of the rare ones she did have that had any value. A few years ago I had them restrung and updated a little and made for pierced ears. My Mom was always up for new things, and moving forward, so I know she’d appreciate that they are now more modern and worn by my wife, the mother of her grandson she never met.