Conventional & Unconventional Petroleum Engineer

Peter has over 20 years of experience in conventional and unconventional oil and gas exploration and development. He has worked in Australia, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Scotland, Europe and India. Currently Peter is an independent consultant specialising in financial assessment of commercial viability of coal seam gas (CSG) projects, acquisition and due diligence evaluations. He also conducts Facilities Training programs and advises CSG companies on development plans and implementation.

Since 2005 Peter has worked in the CSG industry. His first role was part of a pioneering team in CH4 Gas Ltd, which developed the first extensive commercial CSG field in Australia. There he managed surface to in-seam drilling and workover rigs with an annual budget in excess of $AU40 million. After Arrow Energy Ltd acquired CH4 in 2009 Peter because the Vice President for International Operations, based out of Singapore. His role in Arrow Energy International entailed oversight of all exploration and development activities in China, Indonesia, India and Vietnam. In 2011 Peter because UK Managing Director and Chief Technical Officer for Dart Energy – Scotland as part of a demeager from Arrow Energy International. During Peter’s tenure in Scotland he oversaw acquisition of other resource companies as well as initiating exploration drilling programs in Scotland and Poland.

Prior to Peter’s CSG experience he held a number of position within conventional oil and gas companies including Santos (1993-2005) and the Central Queensland Natural Gas company (1990-1992).

Some of Peter’s strengths lie in:

Financial Modeling

  • Assessing the cost of above and below ground equipment, gas price variation and discounting regimes and placing these within financial models that give a range or Net Present Value (NPV).


  • Manage safety of 90 contract employees by ensuring contractor compliance with Safety Management Plan and root cause analysis of significant incidents.


  • Using “root cause analysis” of recurrent incidents, developed continuous improvement program to reduce oil spills to 20 % in Jackson production area.


  • Managing recruitment, goal setting, training, succession planning and appraisal of direct reports.
  • Recruited local labour force of 40 reports for project work.


  • Excellent 360 degree feedback from reports.
  • Lead up to 60 reports through Superintendents and supervisors.
  • Continually share vision and values by communicating sections of corporate standards and systems at weekly team meetings.

Building partnerships

  • Consistently involved stakeholders in decision making process.
  • JV representative for Arrow Joint Ventures.

Industrial Relations

  • Consulted with AMMA to develop an IR plan for employment of construction workers
  • Experienced as part of negotiation teams


  • Developed and delivered two week training package in cost estimation of petroleum projects clients