Our Services

Let Cipher help with your coal and coalbed methane related projects. Our team has the experience, focus and ability to deliver your coal solutions.


Coal Basin and Quality Assessment

  • Geological models
  • Presence and type of coal seams
  • Stratigraphic correlations
  • Deterministic assessment of coal tonnage
  • Coal quality implications for end user objectives


Coalbed Methane Exploration and Assessment

  • Project management, data collection, analysis and interpretation
  • Field desorption services to standard procedures
  • Gas in-place determination
  • Gas flow models
  • Economic assessments



  • General coal geology
  • Coal quality
  • Basin analysis
  • Drill site procedures
  • Basics of gas desorption
  • Basics of coalbed methane
  • Client customised field trips to Powder River Basin, New Zealand, Indonesia, and other destinations