Data Specialist/Mineralogist/Geochemist

Tianjiao Yu is an expert in data collation, correlation, integration and evaluation. Her expertise with databases (e.g. MS Excel) is extensive and varied, from large geochemical and mineralogical data sets to lithological logs and rock type distribution. Tianjiao’s training as a geochemist and mineralogist allows her to not just filter and manage large geological databases but know what they are about and perform validations and assessments as required.

To date, as a Cipher Associate she has been a key participant in projects within Mozambique and Mongolia.

Tianjiao recently graduated from The University of Queensland, with a Bachelor of Environmental Science degree in Earth Resources (Honours); her project focused on the clay mineralogy of various key Cenozoic sediments.

Following her BEnvSc (Honours) degree, she has also worked at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Queensland, as a Research Assistant analysing numerous hydrogeological, geological and mineralogical data sets for a number of projects.

As of January 2022, Tianjiao commenced studies for her PhD degree at Queensland University of Technology, Australia, within the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. During this time she will continue to consult as a Cipher Associate on targeted and specific projects.