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Gas and Environmental Specialist

Dr Roman Pausch has over 30 years of field and laboratory experience in measuring gas of all types and at all pressures. Most of his field experience has been in remote parts of the world including Thailand, Myanmar, Colombia, Peru as well as in the US and Germany. Many of the field locations, such as deserts and rainforests, present specific logistical and environmental challenges.

Its not surprising, then, that Roman’s expertise is in field logistics in tough terrains. He had been responsible for not just the design of the science, but also travel, equipment, personnel and maintenance to, from and onsite.

His problem solving skills and ability to fix anything, whether mechanical or human resource issues, is without peer. Roman is a team player who is known for his affability and focus on task. He has worked for Cornell University, the Boyce Thompson Institute, the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. State Department.