James Pope

Geochemist and Coal Seam Gas Specialist

James is a minerals sector professional with 25 years of experience in roles from field work through to CEO and Director of several small to medium sized companies.  Previous to Strata Geoscience James managed consultancy teams, laboratories and multidisciplinary science research projects.

James currently fills contract roles from project manager to expert geologist or geochemist with experience operating throughout New Zealand in Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Poland, Turkey, Canada, Mexica and in the UK. James has worked on a variety of commodities including coal, gold, coal seam gas, diamond, PGE, REE and base metal projects.

James has strong communication skills, holds adjunct/guest lecturer roles at Universities in New Zealand, Canada and China with lecturing and research duties, he is equally comfortable communicating with boards of directors and contractors.

Focussing on Coal Seam Gas:

As a consultant, James has managed CSG data acquisition or participated in field work for gas desorption and related hydrogeology projects in New Zealand, Indonesia, Viet Nam, China and Turkey. James has signed off reports including data QA/QC for thousands of CSG desorption results, some of which have been used to certify gas resources to bankable levels. James has completed specialist work modelling CSG resources and designing data acquisition methods to suit long desorption or quick crush methods.


James key skills

  • Consultancy on business management or governance for science based businesses
  • Expert geochemistry for resource consent or mine waste management
  • Expert geology or geochemistry for mineral exploration and mineral resource development
  • Project management
  • Geoscience research project development
  • Multidisciplinary science research project management
  • Business development consultancy