Basin Sedimentology, Coal and Coalbed Methane Assessment

Romeo Flores was a Research Scientist at the United States Geological Survey (USGS) assessing coal, coalbed methane (CBM), and unconventional gas resources in conterminous United States (U.S.) and Alaska from 1975-2010. He was project chief and group leader managing estimation of coal and CBM resources in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains coal basins, and in Alaska North Slope, central, and southern coal provinces. Dr. Flores worked with State Geological Surveys, coal mining operators, and CBM companies to implement the USGS National Coal, Oil, and Gas Assessments Programs mandated by U.S. Congress.

Dr. Flores managed Technical Assistance projects on coal and CBM in Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, China, Indonesia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and South Africa. He advised and trained staff of foreign government agencies and non-governmental agencies to explore, develop, and commercialize coal, CBM and shale gas.

Dr. Flores published over 500 papers and abstracts in national and international scientific journals (e.g. AAPG, GSA, IJCG), edited15 special journal volumes, and presented over 250 talks for national and international scientific organizations and conferences. He received BS from University of the Philippines (UP), MS from Tulsa University, and PhD from Louisiana State University. He is the recipients of the U.S. Department of Interior MSA and DSA, GSA Gilbert Cady Goal Geology Award, and UP Distinguished Alumni in Geology Award.

He has most recently published the book “Coal and coalbed gas: Fueling the future”, published by Elsevier.