February 2023

Spoon and Fork, 2022

When we were kids we all got spoons of our favourite cartoon characters. Mine was Woody Woodpecker. As a young lad I had reddish hair. Woody had reddish hair. He was my instant favourite. Every morning I’d eat my cereal, shovelling whatever was going into my mouth while reading the back of the cereal box. There always seemed to be neat information worth revisiting on those boxes, but I just can’t remember any of it now. The fork is one that my father liberated from the Marines while in World War II. I liberated it from my Dad’s house a number of years ago. USN stands for United States Navy. Evidently these forks were made not only to withstand a war but also 70 yrs of children, dogs, horses, moves and whatnot. I don’t think it was only just used as a fork.