September 2023

Electrician’s Meter

My Dad only had a High School education, but at his core he was an engineer. He knew instinctively how things worked in the real world and he knew how to make them. He liked gadgets and he loved tools. There was never a need to call an electrician because my Dad could and did wire the whole house. He even knew how the electrical system worked in a car. No need to call anyone for that either. One of his most important gadgets when doing anything electrical was an electrical meter. The meter in the photograph was one he had for as long as I can remember. Though, I also remember he had several, so not completely sure when this particular one came into his workshop. Amps, voltage, ohms … for some reason none of that ever rubbed off on me and my 11 year old son knows more about these than I do. I can say that I definitely took for granted my Dad’s skill in all things practical and wish I had appreciated them more while I had the chance.