A Mongolian Conference on: Organics and Critical Minerals in Future Energy

Conference venue: Best Western Premier Tuushin Hotel (building with red lights), by the Mongolian parliament building

40th Annual Meeting of The Society for Organic Petrology

Decoding the shift: Organics and Critical Minerals in Future Energy

Everything is in Place!

Abstracts are coming in and registrations are being made. Don’t miss out! This meeting is one of the most ambitious annual conferences to be undertaken by TSOP. If you want a truly unique experience, while also exchanging ideas and networking with the top scientists in organic petrography and critical minerals, book your place now.

In addition to premier talks on organics, minerals and future energy, we also have a half-day Symposium on Mongolian Geology. With talks from local experts you’ll learn about how this fascinating country developed geologically. It’s not to be missed. We’re learning more every day and this symposium will bring you up-to-date. See the schedule below.

 ABSTRACTS DUE: 1 July 2024  — Don’t delay as time is short! (visit website for submission instructions:  https://www.tsop-2024.com/)

Remember to Register (Early Bird prices end 1 July!) and get those abstracts in (also required by 1 July!). See you in Mongolia!

Conference schedule

The meeting will be held at the 5-star Best Western Premier Tuushin (BWP) Hotel, which is situated in central Ulaanbaatar, close to the main square and parliament building. It’s also close to shops and other hotels of various prices. See the website for details of other hotels as well as pick up service from the airport to where you will be staying.

BWP has reserved 20 rooms for TSOP participants at an excellent price, but you have to book before the 20th of August; those rooms are surely going to go fast. For more information go to: https://tsop-2024.com/hotel-information/. To check out the venue and hotel you can also go to: https://bestwesternmongolia.mn/.

Chinggiis Khaan monument, just outside of Ulaanbaatar (photo © T.A. Moore, 2022)

Before the main two days of technical sessions, there are several events. Firstly, we have two workshops, one is a two-day (14th & 15th September) course on Shale gas/Shale Oil by Marc Bustin, Amanda Bustin, John Hattner, and Jim Davidson. The first two instructors are from University of British Columbia, Canada and the latter two are from NSAI & Associates, USA (https://tsop-2024.com/workshop/). The second workshop (15th September) is a single day on Critical Minerals in Coal by Shifeng Dai, China University of Mining and Technology, Beijing.

On the 14th of September we also have a one-day cultural field trip for those of you who arrive early but aren’t taking the first workshop (https://tsop-2024.com/pre-conference-cultural-field-trip/). During the evening of the 16th of September we’ll have the TSOP Dinner at a local venue highlighting Mongolian culture and life.

Sand dunes under an alluvial plan with a fault scrap under the Bogd Mtn range (photo ©T.A. Moore, May, 2024)

Finally, there is the 5-day field trip. We’ve written up some things on the website (https://tsop-2024.com/post-conference-field-trip/) and will update that soon too. Recently, we completed a pre-run of the field trip and we can promise you a wonderful experience over the four nights we’ll be in the field. The trip will cover a lot of Central Mongolia and we’ll visit a couple coal mines, an oil shale area, Cretaceous and Jurassic rift basins as well as the spectacular Flaming Cliffs, where the first next of dinosaur eggs were found in the late 1920s.


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