Excellent paper* just out by Alex Wheeler reconstructing palaeoclimate and palaeoecology in the Early Cretaceous of Inner Mongolia.

Amazing what studying organics can tell you!!! I was lucky enough to work on this paper with him and co-authors Prof Jian Shen, Dr Marvin Moroeng,and Dr Jingjing Liu.

Article just published by Wheeler et al. (2022)

We did the sampling of this back in November 2019 and it was COLD (-20ºC)!

But worth it.

My son even helped with the sampling and he was a trooper in the cold!

Major highlights of the paper are:

  • Abundant fossil charcoal in the Seam #16 shows fire as an important part of palaeomire ecology.
  • Ash yields and δ13Corg values indicate that flooding terminated the palaeomire.
  • Some pollen was likely derived from upland conifer forests and transported into the mire.
  • The absence of angiosperms reflects the harsh, palaeomire conditions.

Micah Moore helping to sample for pollen and organic component analysis, Yimin Formation.

Check the paper out here:

*Wheeler, A., Shen, J., Moore, T.A., Moroeng, O.M., Liu, J., 2022. Palaeoecology and palaeoclimate of an Early Cretaceous peat mire in East Laurasia (Hailar Basin, Inner Mongolia, China). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 599, 24 pp.,

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