Cipher Gas Testing in Sumatra, Indonesia

Drilling has begun in South Sumatra and Cipher is there. We are working with local partners Sucofindo and Mantra Energy Services. Cipher is providing the expert management for gas desorption testing for an 11 well coalbed methane exploration program being conducted by Dart Energy Ltd along with their partners Medco Energy, P.T. Bukit Asam and state-owned petroleum company Pertamina.

The target seams are the Palembang Group of coals as well as the stratigraphically lower Pangadang coal zone. All coals are Miocene in age and within the Muara Enim Formation.

Cipher Associate Dr Jane Shearer and Chris Nelson at a field desorption site in Sumatra, Indonesia

As well as overseeing the gas desorption testing, Cipher will provide all final desorption results and conduct quality assessment for all data. We’ll also oversee sampling for adsorption isotherms, gas composition, isotopes and rock geotechnical determinations. A large part of the job will be training Indonesian technicians working for Sucofindo to become competent desorbers. Another key task is development of communication and data management systems.

Running a desorption crew is never easy, and doing gas testing in some of these remote Sumatran jungle areas is a challenge. Still, Cipher’s field team of Dr Jane Shearer and Mr Chris Nelson have vast experience in doing just that. The drilling program will likely last several months with a few weeks between wells.

As always, it is Cipher’s intent to provide the client with the best possible data which can stand up to rigorous scientific scrutiny. This, ultimately, aids the client through maximizing their bookable, certifiable resources and reserves. And that means enhanced company value.

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