The Society of Organic Petrology (TSOP) Annual Meeting, Beijing, China

Tim Moore of Cipher, was recently in Beijing presenting a paper* at the annual meeting of The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP). The society is one of only two internationally recognized organizations dedicated to understanding coal and organic rich rocks and petroleum (the other organization being the International Committee on Coal and Organic Petrology [ICCP]). 

This years meeting was hosted by Prof Shifeng Dai of the State Key Laboratory of Coal Resources & Safe Mining, China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing). A number of talks were given along the themes of coalbed methane, shale gas and oil, and coal mineralogy, to cite just a few. Things are ‘heating up’ with Shale Gas in China, and thus there were some good papers presented with much interest on that topic. The ‘godfather’ of coal petrology in China, Prof Kuili Jin was also there and not only added much to discussions, greeted each of us warmly and generously.

As would be expected, Prof Shifeng Dai and his team organised a greatly successful meeting and also, like usual, China proved a hugely pleasant and inspiring backdrop.

*Moore, T.A., Bowe, M., Nas, C., 2012, Effects of a shallow-seated heat-source on coalbed methane reservoir character, Kalimantan Timur (Borneo), Indonesia, Proceedings and Abstracts, 29th Annual Meeting of The Society of Organic Petrology, 20-24 September 2012, Beijing, China, v. 29, p. 37-39 (ISSN 1060-7250).

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