Desorption Testing

Chris Nelson testing gas desorption equipment in Jakarta, Indonesia

Chris Nelson was recently in Jakarta preparing equipment for gas testing on a Cipher project. There is always a lot of work to do before heading for the field and Chris was putting in a lot of overtime testing all the equipment. Gas desorption testing on coal reservoirs may not be overly complicated, but – as those who have done it know – there are a million ways to screw the test up, not the least of which are faulty canisters. Coalbed methane (CBM) exploration in Indonesia started in earnest about 2 years ago and the number of active players continues to increase. There has been some exciting results to date and, in my professional opinion, Indonesia could be a major CBM producer in the not too distant future. There is still more than a bit of stream-lining that needs to be done on the governmental bureaucracy side of things, but the coal reservoirs appear to be there, with good gas volumes (for the rank) and in many cases excellent gas saturations. Permeability results are still a bit ambiguous but some tests are quite encouraging. Probably the biggest challenge will be coming-up with optimal production well designs for the different types of reservoirs that we know are present.

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