Indonesian Petroleum Association Conference

Talk at the 36th IPA, Jakarta, Indonesia

Once again I gave a talk at the IPA. This is the fourth year in a row and my purpose has been to take one relatively narrow aspect of coalbed methane and expound on it a bit. This year’s talk title was:

How many holes does it take to fill the Albert Hall? The importance of porosity in a coalbed methane reservoir“.

Obviously, the talk was about porosity;  but my real intent was to emphasize that it is the pore surface area, not the pore volume  which determines a coal bed’s maximum gas holding potential. The  Albert Hall in the title is a reference to the famous Beatles song ‘A Day in the Life’; if you read the short paper written for the conference you’ll understand why I use the Albert Hall in the title (just email me for a copy of the paper if you don’t have access to the IPA proceedings).

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