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It looked like machines and the weather were conspiring against us. The last flight from Denver to Gillette, Wyoming was ‘temporarily’ delayed (which in airport speak means “quite possibly cancelled”) and then there was the weather. I had flown the previous day from Brisbane, Australia to Denver to meet the field trip participants at one […]

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2nd Unconventional Gas (UGAS) Conference, Jakarta, Indonesia

Unconventionally produced gas (coalbed methane, shale gas, tight gas etc) will become increasingly important in the world’s energy mix. The success of the shale gas plays in North America only reinforces just how economically important these deposits are both on continental as well as global scales. But, despite its success, there are large unknowns surrounding […]

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The Society of Organic Petrology (TSOP) Annual Meeting, Beijing, China

Tim Moore of Cipher, was recently in Beijing presenting a paper* at the annual meeting of The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP). The society is one of only two internationally recognized organizations dedicated to understanding coal and organic rich rocks and petroleum (the other organization being the International Committee on Coal and Organic Petrology [ICCP]).  […]

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